Procedural Rules of the Arbitration and
Disciplinary Committee
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In compliance with Article 12 Paragraph 3 of the Articles of the GFS the Arbitration and Disciplinary Committee has drawn up the following Procedural Rules, which were approved by the Board of the GFS on 14 June 1990:





Article 1

(1)      Current matters shall be dealt with by the Chairperson.


(2)      If there is an increased number of matters to be dealt with, he may recruit the assistance of another member (Co-ordinator of congresses and meetings).


Article 2

Circumstances permitting, the Arbitration and Disciplinary Committee shall process the cases without delay.


Article 3

(1)      The Chairperson shall forward the complaints lodged with the Arbitration and Disciplinary Committee without delay to the other members of the Arbitration and Disciplinary Committee, pointing out initially that they should report any reasons for not taking part in the proceedings (refusal on the grounds of possible bias or the like).


(2)      Where there are concerns about bias, the Committee members shall pass decision. In cases in which two cases of possible bias have to be decided upon, an acting Committee member shall be appointed.


(3)      If the complainant/applicant rejects one or more members of the Arbitration and Disciplinary Committee, the procedure shall be as specified in Article 1 and 2. It is not permissible to reject the whole Arbitration and Disciplinary Committee.


Article 4

The receipt of the complaint/application shall be confirmed within one month, quoting the File No. on this occasion, if it has not been done already, the complainant/applicant is to be asked to submit a formal application and all written material in triplicate.


Article 5

(1)      The decision shall be taken after all necessary evidence has been gathered and the legal hearing has been provided.


(2)      If no oral hearing is held, the Chairperson or the appointed Co-ordinator of congresses and meetings shall make a proposal for decision to the other Committee members as a basis for the deliberations.


Article 6

(1)      In consultation with the Committee members involved, the Chairperson shall announce the place and date of an oral hearing applied for or deemed necessary.


(2)      Should it be deemed necessary in individual cases, the Chairperson may, even in proceedings conducted in writing, call the other members of the Arbitration and Disciplinary Committee to a final meeting.


(3)      In both cases, the rules of economy are to be observed. Exceptions must be explained.


Article 7

(1)      The deliberations are secret. The decision shall be carried by all members, even if, after controversial debate, an individual member is outvoted.


(2)      Dissenting votes may not be made public.



(c) GFS 10´2011